Where to invest

Where to Invest

At Elfina, we make your investments easy and tailor made to your requirements. Our team offers solutions based on your needs.

Before investing or choosing any particular investment type, it is necessary that you understand the following:

  • What your investments objectives are: do you wish to generate a less risk and standard return or higher risk and potentially higher return.
  • What kind of risk are you willing to take: It is important to note that all investments carry some degree of risk. There are no risk free investments. Risk is relative amongst the various investments products.
  • Period: How long do you wish to invest your funds for. Time determination is important as it can help you identify the right type of product.
  • Product Type: You can choose from a range of products depending on your personal choice and preference.
  • Leverage: you can choose between products offering leverage and to those of reduced or no leverage. Although levergae can increase your return on investment, it should be noted that using leverage increases the risk factor.

Based on your requirements, our team can help advise the type of investment that suits you most. You can also diversify your portfolio by dividing your investment into various products.