The Currency market is the largest, most liquid global market, offering traders various advantages. The currency market offers 24-hour trading, low transaction costs, and high liquidity making for an extremely attractive tool for short to medium-term trading.

Retail accounts can now be opened with a large or small deposit and leverage is allowed in most cases with Financial Institutions. You can try the free demo trading account offered by Investment Firms associated with Elfina.

The currency/commodity trading platforms are supported by a wide variety of features including a free charting package and wide array of other trading tools like signals and data to help you with decisions when trading. At Elfina, we provide a professional and competitive service tailored to meet the needs of both smaller and larger individual and institutions.

Our brokers offer

24 hour service

Online trading with 24 hour back-office support

All types of orders are offered, including market, limit, stop and GTC.

Lower spreads and fast executions

Online Statements

Competitive rates

For further information on trading commodity and financial contracts, please contact us at or call and speak with a representative.